The World Fair of 1900 covers a whole district of Paris, the Large-Stone, which corresponds to a good part of VIIe district (between the esplanade of the Invalids, the Military academy and the Field of Mars).  In this enormous space, among the houses and other buildings set up by the invited nations, the rebuilding of a Swiss village is on a surface of 21 000 meters. 

" the Swiss Village is  the Switzerland in Paris;  it is the animated synthesis of this original small country, whose natural beauties make each summer the admiration of thousands and thousands of tourists coming from everywhere in the world. 

The two engineers and architects artists, MISTERS Charles Henneberg and German Jules, who conceived and carried out this big project, pushed so far passion from the truth which they made transport of the most moved back valleys of Switzerland the rustic country cottages and picturesques houses,  where you can see in their traditional costume more than 300 peasants and country-women, shepherds, workmen, craftsmen, wood-carvers, basket makers, weavers, embroidering-machines and lacemakers to work as in the village.  

Paris Exposure 1900, Bookshop Hatchet and Co, 1900, quoted in the cinematographic production of the brothers Light, under the direction of Michelle Aubert, Jean-Claude Seguin, Editions Memories of the cinema, 1996)